We look forward to seeing you at the Quince Players first production entirely performed by our junior members. The show is designed to excite audiences of all ages, young and old alike.

When Alice falls down a mysterious rabbit hole she stumbles upon a magical world where anything can happen. Lewis Carroll’s characters spring to life in Simon Reades stage adaptation of the much loved fantasy classic.

by Lewis Carroll & adapted by Simon Reade

Directed by Jenny Hooper At Cordes Hall, High Street, Sunninghill SL5 9NE

I wish 40 year olds would stop trying to tell me, A STUDENT, what’s best for me.
What’s best is schools close so I know I’m not gonna bring back a virus that will kill my father whom is recovering from a major heart attack. #CloseSchoolsNOW

I can’t believe we are still debating about whether or not schools should reopen when just yesterday, there were over 40,000 new cases and we have more COVID patients in hospital compared to April 🤦🏽‍♀️ How is then different to now? #CloseTheSchools #CloseSchoolsNOW

Although we're unable to go to a quiz night, we can bring the quiz night to us - thanks to all the online apps & social platforms available.

So, round up your friends (online!) and take a look at how you can make lockdown nights more fun!

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