A Huge Thank You from the Directors of Little Tommy Tucker

A huge Thank You to everyone who supported Little Tommy Tucker, our January 2018 pantomime!

We’d also like to thank you for supporting our chosen charity, Martha’s Magic Steps. We raised a total of £813.40 from our charity night and fund-raising efforts throughout the run, which is absolutely amazing, and will go a long way to paying for the physio and hydro planned for Martha in the coming months.

Our main aims for the production, were to do something a little different, make it entertaining for all ages, and ensure that everyone involved had fun. We were delighted with the end result, and felt that it was a colourful, energetic, and hugely enjoyable show.

There are some amazingly talented and committed individuals in the Quince Players, who enable the society to thrive and function. We were fortunate enough to have many of them involved with our show. Firstly, our cast. Wow! We were extremely lucky to get an experienced cast, which made the whole process of putting on a show so much easier. It was particularly lovely to see a few returning faces on the stage, as well as some new ones. Our chorus were brilliant, and we feel the musical numbers really benefited from having a mixture of adults and juniors.

Onto our backstage team, who ensured the production ran smoothly and looked great. Putting on a panto is a huge task, and having an amazing team of people supporting the show behind the scenes was not only essential, but very much appreciated. Everyone enjoys being on stage, but it’s the crew backstage that enable it to happen.

Lastly, the band! Led by our fab MD, the quality of our musicians would slot right into any West End production. Not just in playing terms, but the arrangements for the ‘mash-up’ numbers required real skill and were executed superbly.

The production did throw up a couple of challenges. Trying to adhere to the very strict chaperoning laws proved quite a headache, and we were very grateful for those QPs who attended rehearsals and performances, because without them we couldn’t have cast any under sixteens – and that would have been a disaster! We also had new personnel running the bar, who did a sterling job, but it’s a full-on task and involves a lot of planning and time commitment. Thankfully for us, we had enough people volunteering to cover the performances, so Thank You to all who helped out.

All in all, Little Tommy Tucker was a wonderful production to be involved in. Rehearsals were fun, everyone pitched in when needed, and feedback from the audiences was overwhelmingly positive. Congratulations, Quince Players, as this was a team effort, and showed that the society is packed full of talented, committed, and fun-loving members, who will rise to the challenge, overcome adversity, and do whatever is necessary to make a show work.

We feel very fortunate to be members, and to call you all our friends.

Patrick McCarthy & Tracy Corbett


Thank You


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