Hansel and Gretel – Audition Notice

Audition details for Hansel and Gretel pantomime for the Quince’s players 2019

Jenny Hooper and Molly Matthews are looking forward to directing this exciting pantomime, which has a great number of interesting parts for young and old. Listed below are the characters who have speaking parts in the show. Scripts are available from Jenny by calling (07720) 898394

We are thrilled that Kath De La Harpe will be our musical director.

Auditions will be held  for all those who are 16+ on Tuesday 25thSeptember 7:30 PM and Thursday 27thSeptember 7:30 PM at the Cordes Hall

Children’s auditions for all those under 16 will be held on Sunday, 30 September 2 PM to 6 PM at the Cordes Hall

Set in the village of Pumpernickel, the forest fairy and Attrocia, the witch, battle for the villagers.  Attrocia builds the Gingerbread House to entice the children, Hansel and Gretel, but events stop short before they are eaten, although the witch gets her just desserts!  Full of fun, comedy routines and laughter, this is family entertainment at its best.

Speaking Characters

Character male-female Age solo or duet to sing able to dance
The forest fairy/elf Male or female Over 16 Yes not necessarily
This character always speaks in verse she is the controller of the story. We are happy for this to be an elf or fairy but this character is going to open the show with a big song so we would like singer please. This character is always open to lot interpretation I think outside the box at the audition
Attrocia the witch Male or female Over 16 No  Not necessarily
This character always speaks in verse. She also has a very comic side to her character and we certainly do not see her being played totally evil as it would give a different feel to the pantomime!
Karl, principal boy Female 16-25 Yes Yes
This is the principal boy character but is traditionally played by girl. He is a forester and does not live in the village. He/she is strong and brave! He is in love with Lucy
Lucy, principal girl Female 16-25 Yes Yes
Lucy is the principal girl. She’s sweet, pretty and kind to everyone in the village. She is in love with Karl.
Dame Dyspepsia Do-Good Male Over 20 Not necessarily Not necessarily
The dame is traditionally played by male but the directors will consider a woman. They do good is looking after Hansel and Gretel for a friends. She is a very traditional character. She has no money and wants to work the Rupert. She is in love with Dickie.
Sir Rupert de Rottweiler Male Over 20 Not necessarily Not necessarily
A grumpy greedy and arrogant Mayor of the village. Everyone dislikes him!
Hansel Male 11-14 duet yes
Gretel Female 11-14 duet yes
Two demanding roles for keen actors. Both characters need to be able to sing and dance confidently. They have a lot to learn and on stage for most of the pantomime
Dickie Dimwit,  Male or female Over 16 yes Not necessarily
Dickie is a comic character. He is the handyman to Sir Rupert and the love interest of the dame. He has a lot of audience participation while which needs confidence and control.
Potz Male or female Over 16 yes Not necessarily
Panz Male or female Over 16 yes Not necessarily
The town bailiffs who always get it very wrong!! Is funny duet who have a song together
Melindra Female Over 16 no Yes
Roderigo male Over 16 no Yes
These two are the gypsy king and queen and live with their children in the forest. Their children are taken by the witch first and raised the alarm. These two characters need to be able to dance.



Chorus parts this year will be villagers, gypsies and gingerbread men!. We are looking for 20 juniors who will be grouped in 2 teams and perform on alternative nights. We wish to give as many children as possible the opportunity to be part of this wonderful show. We will also be looking for a number of adult chorus to support singing and dancing.

Please come along to the audition we look forward to seeing you there and if you need any further information or have any questions please contact Jenny Hooper at or on 07720 898394



Hansel and Gretel Panto Auditions


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