Quince Players 1945 – 2017 and beyond

The Quince Players were founded on June 19th 1945 by Beryl Barber ALAM, Ken Higginson BSc and Michael Westmacote AMIGE.  

After a debate about naming the new society, Mr Higginson reminded the meeting of Shakespeare’s ‘A  midsummer night’s dream’ in which a group or ordinary men put on a little sketch, the prologue being spoken by Quince the Carpenter.  He suggested that the words of Quince, ‘….our true intent is all for your delight’ would form an excellent motto for the society and that the name should be ‘The Quince Players’.

The Quince players traditionally put on three shows each year, a pantomime in January, and plays in May and September. Rehearsals are normally twice a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays, with the odd Sunday thrown in where needed.

Pantomimes run for eight evening performances, with matinees on each Saturday and the first Sunday.  Play run for six nights, Thursday to Saturday in consecutive weeks.  


We celebrated our 200th production with the pantomime, ‘Snow Queen’ in January 2010.

The Quince Players have always been based in the Cordes Hall in Sunninghill High Street.  

The Cordes Hall was built by Mrs Margaret Agnes Cordes in 1902 in memory of her late husband, Thomas Cordes.

The Quince Players are doing just great!

We have around 150 members, a mixture of adults and juniors.

We have an active social scene, with occasional pub gatherings and visits to the theatre and other events.

We welcome all new members and there are always plenty of things to get involved in.

We support the local community and have donated funds for the upkeep of our home, the Cordes Hall.

Ahead of each production the show director nominates a local charity to benefit from some of the proceeds of our performances.  We pride ourselves at putting on great shows performed to the highest standard possible.  However, don’t just take our word for it, come along and see our next show!

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