Being a Quince Player

So… you want to join the best amateur dramatic group in town……..

We are always on the look out for new members, so if you fancy becoming involved in one of ourgreat shows, fill out THE FORM now!!!

Always fancied being on  stage? Whether you enjoy straight acting, reciting  or dancing in slapstick pantos, we have something for everyone! We perform three productions a year, two plays and one panto.

However don’t worry if being onstage is not your thing, we can find a job for everyone.  No special skills are necessary, just bags of enthusiasm and a bit of spare time to give.  However, if you do have a certain skill that we could use, then do make sure we know about it when you join.

Fancy a night out? No problem, we hold member social events, which many of the group come along to.  Get chatting to some of the team and you will soon be part of our gang!!! 

Membership fees are £20 per annum for adults and £10 per annum for juniors.

Already part of the team? Visit the members area here.

Apply To Join

We would like you to tell us what you would like to see the Quince Players perform in Spring 2019...Comment your thoughts below. #Sunninghill #Berkshire #Ascot #Theatre #Drama #AmDram

We are excited to be attending the NODA London Festival on 24 June to see if either of our @NODA_London Awards for District Winner (DW) elevates to become an Award...
Sabrina Capes for her role as Eliza in #Pygmalion & #LittleTommyTucker for the “It’s Behind You” Award 🤞

You are duly invited to the #readthrough and #auditions for the forthcoming Quince Players production
Little Grimley presents …………. #StrictlySexFactorOnIce
📆 26th June ⏰ 7:45pm 📍 Cordes Hall #Sunninghill
#Berkshire #Ascot #Theatre #Drama #AmDram

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