Cast Announced for Agatha Christie’s Spider’s Web

The Quince Players are delighted to announce the cast for their forthcoming production of an Agatha Christie classic, Spider’s Web:


Cast Character
Andrew Darling Hugo Birch
Nick Teale Sir Rowland Delahaye
Toby Adamson Jeremy Warrender
Tracy Corbett Clarissa Hailsham-Brown
Sadie Nuttall Pippa Hailsham-Brown
Melanie Trapnell Miss Mildred Peake
Anne Robinson Mrs Elgin
Simon Shaw Oliver Costello
George McGavin Henry Hailsham-Brown
Chris Duffy Inspector Lord
Oliver Nursey Constable Jones
Heather King Doctor
Fiona Barker Understudy for Clarissa


In particular a big welcome to both Oliver and George, who are joining the QPs and this will be their first production.


Director, Allison Sharpe, and the casting team were given a very tough job as there was a great turnout for auditions and everyone auditioned brilliantly.

As the staging of a production requires a huge team backstage and behind the scenes, it is an accolade to the Society that those who were unsuccessful in getting a part on this occasion, are going to be active members of the whole company in bringing the Spring Production to life.


Rehearsals will begin later in February on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.  Anyone interested in joining or wanting to catch up with the Quince Players, is welcome to pop in and watch a rehearsal in action.


Allison and her team are very excited now the play is cast and really looking forward to producing a play that Agatha Christie would be tickled to see being performed minutes away from her own home, ‘Styles’, in Sunningdale!


For further information on the date when tickets will be available to purchase, please ‘like’ us on Facebook or ‘follow’ us on Twitter and add our website to your favourites list!

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