Agatha Christie History

Agatha Christie
15 September 1890 – 12 January 1976

Agatha Christie is known throughout the world as The Queen of Crime. She is the most widely published author of all time, only outsold by the Bible and Shakespeare.

In her autobiography, Agatha recounts “The third play I was to have running in London (all at the same time) was Spider’s Web. This was specially written for Margaret Lockwood. She said she liked the idea of my writing a play for her, and I asked her exactly what kind of play she wanted. She said at once she didn’t want to continue being sinister and melodramatic, that she had done a good many films lately in which she had been the ‘wicked lady’. She wanted to play comedy. I think she was right, because she has an enormous flair for comedy, as well as being able to be dramatic. She is a very good actress, and has that perfect timing which enables her to give lines their true weight.
I enjoyed myself writing the part of Clarissa in Spider’s Web. There was a little indecision at first as to the title; we hesitated between ‘Clarissa Finds a Body’ and ‘Spider’s Web’. It ran for over two years and I was very pleased with it. When Margaret Lockwood proceeded to lead the Police-Inspector up the garden path she was enchanting.”

On a local note, Agatha Christie and her husband moved to Sunningdale in 1923 and lived for two years in an apartment at ‘Scotswood’. They subsequently moved to a large house nearby and she amused herself by calling it ‘Styles’ – after The Mysterious Affair at Styles – her first book, published in 1920.

From Styles, Agatha Christie created her own personal mystery. At 9.00pm on Friday 3rd December 1926, she told her housekeeper she was going for a drive and subsequently disappeared. The plot thickened when her bull-nosed Morris Minor was found the next morning at Newlands Corner. She was eventually discovered 10 days later in Harrogate, supposedly suffering from amnesia. This was her most baffling mystery of all – and to this day, the case is unsolved.

Her first marriage to Capt. Christie ended in divorce in 1928. She later married Sir Max Mallowan, an archaeologist, and travelled extensively with him, documenting his finds; and used their travels as the basis for many of her stories.

Her lasting memorial must be ‘The Mousetrap’, being the longest running show in the world, now in its 67th year and still going strong!


The Quince Players are really looking forward to performing Agatha Christie’s Spider’s Web. Rehearsals for Spiders Web will begin later in February on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.  Anyone interested in joining or wanting to catch up with the Quince Players, is welcome to pop in and watch a rehearsal in action.


Allison the director and her team are very excited now the play is cast and really looking forward to producing a play that Agatha Christie would be tickled to see being performed minutes away from her own home, ‘Styles’, in Sunningdale!


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