Opening Night – Little Tommy Tucker

After months of rehearsals, we are very excited for our Opening Night of our Traditional Pantomime – LITTLE TOMMY TUCKER which kicks off tonight Thursday 11th January 2018.

Little Tommy Tucker might not be amongst the most well-known fables, but we promise you lots of laughter, catchy songs and lively dancing.
Dame Ditty runs a successful school of singing, with her star pupil Melody, much to the chagrin of the rival music teacher, Dr Discord, who has no pupils. When the Duke of Sterling and his daughter, Sophie, arrive in town the rivalry between the two schools is brought into the open. A singing contest, to be held at the local Fair, is suggested, but Dr Discord rigs the rules so only male singers are eligible. Discord coerces Benny, his handyman, to sing (very badly!) after threatening to throw Benny’s mother out of her cottage. Dame Ditty has no male singer until Tommy Tucker arrives and is discovered to have a wonderful voice. Dirty work is afoot as Discord arranges with Mother Curseum to put a spell on Tommy, stealing his voice for Benny. But Melody and her friends enlist the help of Professor Wizo to reverse the spell and all comes right in the end.
Our Pantomimes are suitable for all ages and is a real community event, we have Matinees and Evening performances over the following dates.
11th – 14th & 17th – 20th January 2018
MATINEES – 11th, 14th & 20th @ 2:30pm
EVENING – 11th – 13th & 17th – 20th @ 7:30pm

All Performances will be held at –Cordes Hall, Kings Road, Sunninghill, Ascot, Berkshire, SL5 9NE

We still have some tickets available on some of the above dates, so don’t miss out and BOOK a ticket and come along to join in with the fun.

We can’t wait to see you.

Always fancied being on stage?
Whether you enjoy straight acting, reciting or dancing in slapstick pantos, we have something for everyone!
Visit our website for information on how to Become a Quince Player.....

Getting ready for our last performance of Little Tommy Tucker which starts at 7:30pm.
Tonight's performance is SOLD OUT and we can't wait to see you, so put on your dancing shoes and warm up your vocal cords, because we are going to have a fantastic evening....

You MUST come and see #LittleTommyTucker our Traditional Pantomime at Cordes Hall, Sunninghill @ 7:30pm.
Suitable for all ages and we promise lots of laughter, Catchy Songs and lively Dancing.
Tickets JUST £12.

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